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Research Project funded by the European Union under the EU Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community

Implemented by the Research Institute Promitheas and the Memory and Narrative Centre


Project Dissemination

The project will be widely disseminated and promoted through a number of media including the Press, the radio, the social media, Newsletters and academic journals.


Dissemination Actions of the project include among others

  • The kick-off press conference 

  • Newspaper articles in the Press

  • Participation in radio shows

  • Radio spot placements promoting the project

  • Dissemination in the social media

  • Publication in the lead applicant’s Newsletter

  • Publication of an academic article in the academic journal Annual Review of History, Society and Politics

The kick-off press conference                                                

8th June 2023

Venue: Offices of the Research Institute  PROMITHEAS .


Participation in Radio Shows                                                

9th June 2023

Radio Politis with journarnalist Maria Fragkou hosting us in her radio show


19th June 2023

Radio Astra 92.8 with journalist Neophytos Neophytou and hosting us on his radio show "Η Επικαιρότητα Αλλιώς".  At the radio show, the Project Coordinator (Sotiroula Yiasemi), the Scientific Supervisor (Dr Dimitris Trimithiotis), the President of the BoD of the Memory and Narrative Centre (project partner) (Ms Mine Balman) and the translator/interpreter of the project participated in the radio show

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