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Research Project funded by the European Union under the EU Aid Programme for the Turkish Cypriot community

Implemented by the Research Institute Promitheas and the Memory and Narrative Centre


Project Actions

The set of actions in the project all coherently lead to specific outputs and outcomes including employing different methodological tools and techniques including

  • Drafting the Theoretical Framework in the form of literature review

  • Archival research in newspaper archives and creation of a database of collected news items including codification of the digitized items and creation of meta-data

  • An expert Discourse Analysis of data and production of a report of discourse patterns used to portray the other community

  • Public consultation workshops in the form of focus groups

  • public opinion survey whose data analysis will provide evidence as to target groups that are less tolerant to the other and need work in combating stereotypical perceptions as part of a peace-building process.

  • The final output will be Report of Findings and Best Practices serving as a guide for media practitioners.

                                                Project Meetings                                                
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                                        Focus groups with Turkish Cypriot Journalists                                     
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                                    Focus groups with Greek Cypriot Journalists                                       
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