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Prof. GOULIAMOS Kostas

Imperialist plans in light of the geopolitical significance of Cyprus


This intervention picks up the thread where Joseph Conrad left it with Kurtz in the novel ‘Heart of Darkness’; namely, at the European imperialism in the Congo jungle. As 50 years have passed since the Turkish invasion and occupation, it is a conditio sine qua non to analyse the plans of British and US-NATO imperialism with regard to the long-lasting issue of Cyprus.

The issue of the imperialist patronage of Cyprus -and the domestic and Greek political (and non political) advocates who support it through various plans and schemes- is not a recent phenomenon. There has always been -and still is- an attempt to impose an imperialist plan on Cyprus under suffocating NATO control, aiming to lessen sovereign rights on the one hand and impose a constitutional type of partition on the other.

The intervention examines and analyses the multitude of forms, actions and

projects with the same objective: The methodical scheming for dominance of the imperialist powers, particularly the US and the UK, precisely because of the geopolitical significance of Cyprus.

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