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MIARIS Giorgos K.

Literary representations of the 1974 coup and the Turkish invasion in Cyprus


The events of the summer of 1974 - the subjugation of the Republic of Cyprus and the coup d’état overthrow of the legitimate President Makarios by the American-motivated fascist military Greek dictatorship and the nationalist “EOKA B”, with the subsequent bloody intervention, invasion of the Turkish army and the occupation of 37% of Cyprus affected the daily life of the people, but also the intellectuals, the way of feeling, of coexistence and thinking in a multicultural society of Cyprus.

Representations can be identified in several artistic works, including novels, chronicles/testimonies, collections of short stories, various individual publications of poems or published collections.

Dramatic and tragic representations condensed in each individual case of a resident of Cyprus contributed to the explosion of writing in both poetry and prose with an aesthetically interesting variety of expressive means. They formed a (fragmented) ‘Literature of Resistance’.

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